Covid-19 Vaccine

Step-by-step Vaccine guide in Austin, Tx 

Steps to getting a shot:

  1. Open this google doc


  1. Preregister with Austin Public Health. Save your user name and password. 

* Please note that your username/email will change slightly — they add .aph to the end of it. They will say that in the confirmation email but make sure you save the changed username


  1. [Update 2.8.21 – members reported the WhatsApp group is currently full, try and get in anyways and let us know if that has changed] Sign up for the WhatsApp group. WhatsApp is very easy to put on your phone. ALLOW PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! There will be a lot of chatter on this WhatsApp group but it is crucial for letting you know when the vaccine appointment become available and tips to getting them. 

3.5 Join this Austin NextDoor Group that is sharing information on vaccines 


  1. Make the appointments with your computer, not an iPad or phone (many times they aren’t compatible). Times are generally opened in the morning. 


  1. Leave the following browsers open on your computer: 

– Family Hospital Systems:

– Austin Public Health:

– HEB:


The two biggest recipients of shots have been Family Hospital Systems and Austin Public Health. I have provided instructions on how to navigate their systems below. 


Tips for Family Hospital Systems when appointment come available

  1. Go to this page from a desktop or laptop:


  1. Click the blue Back button (at the bottom, under the red *central time note). Do not worry about scrolling back in the calendar to February. When February appointment dates are available, the calendar will automatically do that for you. You will see green times listed as available on the right of the calendar. They say they are scheduling for end of March; however, people cancel appointments all the time. Just keep hitting back and a February time will come available (if you want an earlier date). Enter in your info, not worrying about speed, because you probably won’t get the first time you try for. 


  1. When that appointment says it’s no longer available, click Back to get to the calendar. Keep clicking back until a time will eventually appear. The systems are overloaded and they generally come up about every 15 minutes (for cancelations appointments that are still in February). If you are on the WhatsApp group, people will tell you when they are able to snag an appointment, so you will know they are still posting new ones. If the system says “booking disabled” just keep refreshing the page and it will eventually give the calendar again. Be patient and keep trying. 


  1. When you see a green time, press it. Your info will be autofilled this time so immediately press the green buttons to continue booking. You don’t need to check your info because you were careful the first time around entering it! Click the green button twice, and you have an appointment. 


  1. When you go to your appointment – this is a drive through site and you will not get out of your car. Have your drivers license (or other proof of identification) and your confirmation number. If you go with someone else that has an appointment the same day, they will go ahead and give that other person their shot (but only for same day appointments). 


Tips for Austin Public Health

  1. Leave the sign in page open in your browser:

*The sites are not well designed and you don’t want to waste time finding it once you know the appointments are available

*Make sure you are preregistered! 


  1. You will see 4 blue buttons when you scroll down. Press the one on the far right – schedule covid vaccine. 

*If you don’t see this button, you do not qualify for the 1A or 1B group. If you think you should qualify, reregister with a new email and make sure you select the condition that qualifies you (it might be a general “underlying health condition”)


  1. There will be a list of times available. I would recommend picking the ones later in the day (they seem to be less popular). However, if when you press that time, it says taken – DO NOT GIVE UP. Keep going back and filling your information in and choosing different times. Keep doing it over and over. If they still have the times listed, there are still appointments available! Once all the appointments are gone, there will be a screen that says that. So keep trying if times are listed!