Us is HOPE – Sierra’s Story

At the Austin Clubhouse, our programs provide members hope when at times it can feel like there is none. Consistency and community provide an outlet for stress and a place where every individual’s many talents can be utilized.


Meet Sierra.

“For a long time I struggled with, and continue to struggle with, anti-social behavior and self-imposed isolation. My home was not a safe space due to verbal abuse and medical neglect and I did not have anywhere to go or anyone to talk to about it. At home, I was very aggressive because I did not have an outlet for my stress or any way to receive proper support. I tried reaching out to various state programs but every resource I pursued turned out to be a dead end and I was starting to lose hope.

The Austin Clubhouse was different because it was close to home, convenient to go to, and provided a consistent routine. I quickly participated in the daily work of the Clubhouse and felt needed, validated, and appreciated. I felt like I could make a difference in how things were done and was able to engage in work that appealed to my strengths. I knew it was unhealthy to isolate myself to such an extent, but what kept me coming back to the Clubhouse was the assuredness I would always be appreciated for my work and help. I still do not like to socialize much but I am slightly less shy and more motivated to seek treatment.

It has been almost a year since I became a member and I am now on an effective treatment plan for my Schizophrenia, which was ruling over my life before. There are still a lot of rough patches, but I am surviving my illness, and that is what matters to me.”

The Austin Clubhouse is a nonprofit that empowers and equips adults with a mental health diagnosis to achieve their full potential. To become a member or to get involved, please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour. To donate, click here.

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