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Supported and Independent Employment

At Austin Clubhouse, members who have succeeded in TE positions and who desire to attain a higher degree of professional independence are encouraged to apply for Supported Employment (SE). Unlike transitional employees, supported employees effectively ‘own’ their positions – by participating in a competitive application and interview process, they obtain and keep their positions strictly of their own accord. The clubhouse still develops and maintains a relationship with the employer, assisting with job site development and training; however, there is no absentee coverage policy, and the positions are not time limited.

Austin Clubhouse’s Independent Employment (IE) program is intended to encourage and assist those members who have obtained paid positions with local businesses and organizations independent of the clubhouse’s direct involvement. While Clubhouse will remain as available as always to provide support to independently employed members, it does not maintain a relationship with the employer, and provides no on-site support at the place of employment.

At the clubhouse, supported and independent employees with find assistance with the following:

  • Preparing and drafting résumés.
  • Performing job searches.
  • Developing employer contacts.
  • Improving interview skills.
  • Transportation.
  • Advocacy for entitlements.
  • Consultation on housing, clinical, legal, and financial issues.
  • Career planning.