employment – housing – education – wellness

Austin Clubhouse supports members following crisis, when they’re thriving, and in between. Our most vulnerable members may be transitioning out of incarcerations or even homelessness. At Austin Clubhouse we believe all members can achieve optimum mental health when they are empowered and equipped to pursue their potential.


Work is central to our mission.

Employment can be an important step on the path to recovery. To that end, the clubhouse will offer varying levels of support to help members find and keep jobs of their choosing in the community. Clubhouses provide members with opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings through Transitional, Supported, and Independent Employment programs.


Everyone deserves a safe and stable place to live.

We work closely with area housing organizations to help members obtain and keep safe, decent, and affordable housing, whether that’s emergency shelter or permanent housing. We support members with logistics such as identifying housing options, completing rental applications and finding waitlist openings.

Our housing support services are for everyone experiencing mental health issues, and we take special care to advocate for those who struggle with homelessness, poor rental history, bad credit, criminal records, disabilities, mental health diagnoses and other housing barriers.


The opportunity to learn opens doors for members.

Austin Clubhouse members dream of self-improvement through education, just like anybody else. Some wish to learn a trade. Others want to work in business, health or law. Some are interested in completing an education that they began decades earlier, before they became ill. Austin Clubhouse makes those dreams a reality by helping people identify educational goals, negotiate admissions, apply for financial aid and obtain the peer support and tutoring they need to succeed in school.


Mental and physical health are proven to be connected; we address the whole person.

Our Whole Health & Wellness Program has four main areas of emphasis: nutrition, knowledge about addiction, physical fitness, and better integration with community health resources. Through this program, members will receive the help they need to improve their diet and increase fitness, find the support and resources to deal with addiction, and discover low cost access to fitness and recreational facilities in our area.