Membership is free, voluntary and lifelong.

Austin Clubhouse offers a place to spend the day, build relationships, and receive assistance with personal goals such as finding a job or going back to school. We help restore hope to many of those who need it most.

Membership is open to any adult in the Austin area with a diagnosed mental health condition, such as major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder or schizophrenia. There are no membership dues or fees, and as a member you can retain your membership for as long as you like.

If you are an adult with a mental illness diagnosis, we are here to:

  • Offer friendship, support, and a place to come
  • Offer a range of supported employment and education opportunities
  • Help you gain confidence through participating in the work of the clubhouse
  • Help you connect into services available throughout the community
  • Provide a nutritious and affordable lunch each day we are open
  • Offer you peer support through participating in a variety of Clubhouse activities
  • Provide you with support for the concurrent disorders of mental illness and addictions

Members and staff work side-by-side to run the Clubhouse.

People at the Clubhouse are referred to as “members” instead of clients, patients, or consumers. We focus on a person’s strengths, versus their diagnosis or their disabilities. Members have equal access to every Clubhouse opportunity with no differentiation based on diagnosis or level of functioning.

Members volunteer their time in various units and find purpose in participating in the meaningful work of the Clubhouse. By working side-by-side with staff, meaningful relationships are developed, and it is through these meaningful relationships and meaningful work that members build skills, develop a sense of purpose and re-enter the community as co-workers, neighbors, and friends.


Does membership cost anything?
No. Membership is free, voluntary and without time limits.

I don’t see my psychiatrist for another month, can I still join?
Yes. You will be able to join for a probationary period until you return your completed referral form.

Can I eat lunch at the Clubhouse if I’m not a member yet?
Yes. Your first lunch at the Clubhouse is free and $1 after you become a member.

Do I have to call before I come in to the Clubhouse?
No. Membership is voluntary and open during Clubhouse business hours.

May I bring my family and friends to the Clubhouse?
Yes. Your family and friends are welcome to join you for a tour, lunch, socials or holidays.

Can I get paid for the work that I do at the Clubhouse?
No. The Clubhouse does not provide paid employment to members (Standard #21). Participation at the Clubhouse is voluntary. The work of the Clubhouse is done by staff and members working side-by-side to complete the daily operations of the Clubhouse.