Together, we have the strength to overcome whatever obstacles are in our way.

By being together at the Clubhouse, we’re able to draw on strength from each other, in life’s hardest moments. When it feels too hard to do the simplest of things, or when we sense ourselves relying on old patterns, the strength we find in each other powers us forward. And when we share that strength with one another, our own doesn’t diminish, it only increases.

Meet Shane.

“For a long time I was isolating, lacked motivation, and had no real goals. Life seemed pretty hopeless because I had no sense of control over my future. The Austin Clubhouse was an inexpensive way to get out and socialize, which broke me from my isolation.

I realized the Clubhouse was actually helping me when I transitioned from working specifically through the Clubhouse to outside employment. I feel like life is getting back to normal. My challenge now is to put into practice the skills I learned in group therapy, and the Clubhouse has given me a firm platform to work from.”

The Austin Clubhouse is a nonprofit that empowers and equips adults with a mental health diagnosis to achieve their full potential. To become a member or to get involved, please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour. To donate, click here.