What makes Austin Clubhouse so special is our community. Here, we leave labels at the door. Inclusion into our community is free, lifelong, and available to all those who want it. We welcome everyone. Meet Majid. “I used to be very depressed and had anxiety. I did not enjoy anything and was very lonely. I felt like I was doing nothing positive and had no meaning in life. Because of my illness I lost my abilities of reading, writing, and of social and political work. Finally, I went to The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) and they told me to go to Austin Clubhouse. The Clubhouse let me socialize and be around people. I found out other people are also dealing with these problems and I am not alone. The Clubhouse gave me courage and let me share my problems, volunteer, and helped me feel positive. I began eating again because I was able to be around people. The Clubhouse helped me feel productive through kitchen and computer work. Now I am feeling very good, sometimes still depressed, but so much more positive. And I am feeling like a member of society and feeling more myself and confident.” The Austin Clubhouse is a nonprofit that empowers and equips adults with a mental health diagnosis to achieve their full potential. To become a member or to get involved, please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour. To donate, click here.