Before I realized the Austin Clubhouse had gone remote I felt very isolated and had very few people to talk to due to the pandemic and the shut down. I felt irritated, a lot of sadness, and was falling into a bit of depression. It was frustrating to have such a small outlet. Furthermore, my feelings were amplified because I no longer had a choice to leave the house or not due to Covid-19. Because of health issues I had before the pandemic, and then the shut down, I can’t even remember the last time I left the house.

As soon as I realized that I could connect with Austin Clubhouse remotely, I knew there was something I could do daily and feel connected again. The Austin Clubhouse has given me a social outlet and a way to put my mind to work. It gives me something to do every day as well as people to talk to and interact with. I now have the Clubhouse to look forward to everyday and people that value my opinions and insights. The Clubhouse is an awesome place and I am looking forward to when I can see everyone again in person.


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