The first week of the pandemic was especially hard for me. I felt as if I regressed back to the time when I first got out of prison and before I had the Austin Clubhouse. I felt isolated, stuck at home, with no friends, and nothing to do. I was depressed and very sad.

I soon found out the Austin Clubhouse was having virtual meetings and phone calls. This was really helpful for me to feel involved and connected to my friends and ‘social family’ again. 

The daily virtual walks have been especially helpful; it is actually getting me motivated to go for walks! I have also been taking advantage of the Weekend Warm lines with the Clubhouse. My family leaves on the weekend so I am usually home alone. With the Warm Line I am able to call in and speak with my friends. Having the warm Line available has helped with my feelings of isolation that I struggle with.

I am looking forward to connecting more with the Clubhouse and their offerings in order to gain more structure in my days. It gets pretty boring just playing and reading! Soon I am going to try data entry, reach out calls, and other projects.

Last but not least I can’t wait until the Clubhouse opens up so I can see everyone and we can have lunches again!


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