Before I went to Austin Clubhouse, I was bored and just not feeling motivated in life, I was in a funk I felt I couldn’t get out of. I didn’t know where I was going in life. Just mainly sitting at home day by day with no accomplishments. I had heard of the Clubhouse and thought I was not ready for something like that. A member that I was living with in a boarding home kept saying such good things about the Clubhouse that I asked him to take me with him. 

Coming into the clubhouse I felt welcomed. Went on my tour and the Vitality Unit drew me in because of learning new recipes and how to cook them. The Operations Unit helped me with wanting to learn more things to do on a computer and what office work is all about. I felt wanted and needed through sweeping in the kitchen and helping with a flyer in the Operations Unit. I felt like there was always something to do here, never a dull moment. It would get me out of the house and I felt like I would accomplish something every day just coming a few times a week. It would keep me going and motivated in everyday life. 

I have always been afraid of working. Coming here has given me stamina and patience with myself and has helped me to be brave. I have the opportunity to start working with the Transitional Employment position with Mae at the S. Lamar Goodwill location. I am nervous. Yet the clubhouse helps with that. I just want to say thanks to Austin Clubhouse for giving me power in myself I forgot and didn’t even know I had. 

-Lauren B.

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