Before I discovered the Austin Clubhouse, I was just struggling with stress, fear, my schizophrenia and hearing voices, anxiety and depression, and controlling my anger.

I had heard about the Clubhouse from a variety of caseworkers, and at first didn’t try to get involved because of how far away it was from me. But I soon realized that the Clubhouse is open virtually during Covid-19, and this allowed me to apply and become a member.

The Austin Clubhouse was different because of the meaningful volunteer opportunities it offered, like marketing and event planning. I have also found peer support through the Clubhouse community.

The Clubhouse made me feel better about myself just knowing I could be myself around the community and stay involved with the different volunteer opportunities. The Clubhouse helps me cope with stress, anxiety, and depression through community and meaningful work.

At first I was hesitant about getting to know people and was unsure about them, because getting to know people is hard for me. But as I worked side-by-side through the work of the Clubhouse I was able to build meaningful relationships.

-Laura C.

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