Member Stories

Diane’s Story

I have bipolar disorder and anxiety. It took me years to get properly diagnosed and many more years to find the right medication. I have good meds now and am fairly stable. Here at the Austin Clubhouse I’ve found that others have had similar experiences. At my church...

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Us is ACCEPTANCE – Maria’s Story

Being part of Austin Clubhouse is a new kind of experience for our members: it provides them a place where they feel unconditionally accepted. A place where they aren’t defined by their diagnosis, past, or what they can or can’t do, but instead are seen with new eyes...

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Us is FAMILY – Rosemary’s Story

At Austin Clubhouse, our members gather together for meals, encourage each other during hard times, and celebrate during the good ones. We become the family for each other that we all want to have, something that’s necessary in any season of life. Meet Rosemary....

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Us is COMMUNITY – Majid’s Story

What makes Austin Clubhouse so special is our community. Here, we leave labels at the door. Inclusion into our community is free, lifelong, and available to all those who want it. We welcome everyone. Meet Majid. "I used to be very depressed and had anxiety. I did not...

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Us is STRENGTH – Shane’s Story

Together, we have the strength to overcome whatever obstacles are in our way. By being together at the Clubhouse, we’re able to draw on strength from each other, in life’s hardest moments. When it feels too hard to do the simplest of things, or when we sense ourselves...

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Us is HOPE – Sierra’s Story

At the Austin Clubhouse, our programs provide members hope when at times it can feel like there is none. Consistency and community provide an outlet for stress and a place where every individual's many talents can be utilized.   Meet Sierra. “For a long time I...

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Your support helps our members thrive.

We believe all members can achieve optimal mental health when the right structure and support are in place. Thank you for your generosity!