Our Mission

Austin Clubhouse exists to provide acceptance and empowerment so adults living with mental health diagnoses can pursue personal goals and play a meaningful role as co-workers, colleagues, family members, neighbors and friends.

Our Vision

We envision is a healthy community in which all people living with a serious mental illness will achieve their highest potential.

About Austin Clubhouse

Wellness. Community. Independence.

Come hear about a community that offers hope, respect, and opportunities for personal development for adults with mental health diagnoses. Austin Clubhouse offers a place to spend the day, build relationships, and receive assistance with personal goals such as finding a job or going back to school. We help restore hope to many of those who need it most.

Membership is open to any adult in the Austin area with a diagnosed mental health condition, such as major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder or schizophrenia. There are no membership dues or fees, and as a member you can retain your membership for as long as you like.

Call 512.925.5877 to schedule a tour. For more information send an email to info@austinclubhouse.org.

How Austin Clubhouse Can Help You…

If you are an adult with a mental illness diagnosis, we are here to:

  • Offer friendship, support, and a place to come
  • Offer a range of supported employment and education opportunities
  • Help you gain confidence through participating in the work of the clubhouse
  • Help you connect into services available throughout the community
  • Provide a nutritious and affordable lunch each day we are open
  • Offer you peer support through participating in a variety of Clubhouse activities
  • Provide you with support for the concurrent disorders of mental illness and addictions

How You Can Help Austin Clubhouse…

Austin Clubhouse is a club. It belongs to its members who participate voluntarily. Without the help of our members, Austin Clubhouse would not exist.

No matter what your experience or ability, Austin Clubhouse can use your help. Many members at Austin Clubhouse have been told that because of our illness we would never work again or hold responsibilities. Here, working and learning side-by-side with friends, we have learned that we do possess skills, that those skills are valuable, and that our contribution to running the Clubhouse is appreciated.

Whether helping out in the kitchen or answering phones or organizing fundraising events, there is so much work to be done! And we need your help to make sure that Austin Clubhouse is a center of hope for people with mental illness in our community.


  • Joanna Linden, Executive Director
  • John-Michael Krakoski, Program Director
  • Amber Goggia, Operations Manager
  • Mae Newcombe, Staff Generalist
  • Luke Tinius, Staff Generalist
  • John Woods, Staff Generalist
  • Jen Cardenas, Staff Generalist

Marketing Committee

  • Jessica Krakoski, Chair
  • Luke Tinius
  • Dianna Colton
  • Jesse McCrum
  • Jacque Cain
  • Joanna Linden

Fundraising Committee

  • Meghan Weller
  • Christine Kempff
  • Howard Brunson
  • Kevin Cole
  • Amber Goggia
  • Joanna Linden


  • Meghan Weller, Board President, Director, Government Relations, HCA Healthcare – Texas
  • Christine Kempff, Board Treasurer, Realtor, Hindsite 20/20
  • Sondra Nolan, Board Secretary, Policy & Training Specialist, Texas Department of Family & Protective Services
  • Blair Baxter, Owner, BlairBax Energy LLC
  • Howard Brunson, Real Estate Investor
  • Dianna Colton, Owner, Executive Producer, Hack-Studios
  • Kevin Cole, Attorney at Law, The Cole Law Firm
  • Coby Chase, Vice President of External Affairs, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
  • Olivia Juarez-Reid, Vice-President of Austin-San Antonio, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Athena McClendon, Austin Clubhouse member, Constituent Services, Texas House of Representatives
  • Joanna Linden, Ex-Officio, Executive Director, Austin Clubhouse

Our Locations

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm and Thursday evenings 5:00pm – 8:00 pm. If you’re interested in seeing what our community is all about, let us treat you to lunch and give you a tour. Click here for more information.

Daily Tours at 11:00am

Your support and generosity are so appreciated!

Austin Clubhouse seeks out individuals and organizations willing to invest in the betterment of our community.