Austin Clubhouse exists to provide acceptance and empowerment so adults living with mental health diagnoses can pursue personal goals and play a meaningful role as co-workers, colleagues, family members, neighbors and friends.

Our Mission

About Austin Clubhouse

Often referred to as the “Clubhouse” model, we offer more than just programs and services. Austin Clubhouse is a place where people congregate and, even more importantly, a community whose members find the fellowship, support and purpose to grow beyond the limitations of their illness.

Executive Director

Joanna Linden


  • Joanna Linden
  • Amanda Royston
  • Kris Kavanaugh
  • John-Michael Krakoski
  • Mae Newcombe
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Luke Tinius
  • John Woods

Marketing Committee

  • Jessica Krakoski, Chair
  • Luke Tinius
  • Dianna Colton
  • Jesse McCrum
  • Jacque Cain
  • Joanna Linden

Fundraising Committee

  • Meghan Weller
  • Christine Kempff
  • Howard Brunson
  • Joanna Linden
  • Amanda Royson


  • Meghan Weller, President
  • Christine Kempff, Treasurer
  • Sondra Nolan, Secretary
  • Blair Baxter, Director
  • Howard Brunson, Director
  • Athena McClendon, Director, Member
  • Dianna Colton, Director
  • Kevin Cole, Director
  • Joanna Linden, Ex-Officio

Advisory Board

  • Justin Stinus
  • Kyle Hughes
  • Colin Wallis
  • David Knoll
  • Katherine Kotrla
  • Larissa Estes

Our Locations

Our clubhouses are open Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM and Thursday evenings 5PM-8PM. If you’re interested in seeing what our community is all about, let us treat you to lunch and give you a tour. Click here for more information.

Join Us for an Open House Lunch and Tour

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Austin Clubhouse seeks out individuals and organizations willing to invest in the betterment of our community.